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First I gotta apologize to both guys for taking so long, these came in the same day my Page came for my set and after spending three hours getting the set scans ready to post I was done for the night and just haven't had a chance to get these up.

Mik pm'd me the other day and asked for Mini Me's name because he said he had a Cassel he thought Mini Me needed.........uhhhhhhhh yeah pretty sure there's no way he had it Mik. Thanks bro he was very excited not only for what it was but because it had his name on the package.

Here it is, from Mik Matt Cassel Trippe Threads Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
[Image: MattCassel1of1cyan.jpg]

Next I got a surprise package from I'm pretty sure PR34, the note said Bryan and I think PR34 is the only Bryan I know lol. The note also said that he didn't know if I had it or not and if I didn't need it to trade it for something I needed. Well Mini Me picked up on that real real quick and it seems as though even though I didn't have it and needed, it was apparently traded from me to mini me before I even knew what it was. In return I got a thank you daddy, hard to pass up that trade. Thank you Bryan from the both of us, I guess we both needed it lol

Eric Berry Topps precision auto from Bryan
[Image: EricBerry-2.jpg]
Very nice! Like the EB!
Glad he "needed" that one... Big Grin
sweet 1/1
WooHoo, congrats MiniMe Smile Mik and Bryan way to do the job right Big Grin
Awesome, glad you BOTH needed it, LOL.

Hope you guys enjoy it!
(04-22-2012 10:47 AM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice! Like the EB!

Thanks Doc
(04-22-2012 10:54 AM)mik253 Wrote: [ -> ]Glad he "needed" that one... Big Grin

Lol thank you Mik, his Matt Cassel means a lot to him and like his dad he loves plates.
(04-22-2012 11:01 AM)CowboysFan829488 Wrote: [ -> ]sweet 1/1

Thanks man
(04-22-2012 11:07 AM)ripkenfan72 Wrote: [ -> ]WooHoo, congrats MiniMe Smile Mik and Bryan way to do the job right Big Grin

Thank you T, as you know it's a blast seeing your kids enjoy the hobby with you
(04-22-2012 01:02 PM)phoenixrising34 Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome, glad you BOTH needed it, LOL.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Lmao, yeah I was confused for a bit because first thing he said was if you don't need that card or want it can I have it. I said what card are you talking about, I hadn't seen the card or the letter yet. And he said the one the guy so you could trade if you didn't want it, can I have it if you don't want it......... So I had to ask widely what the hell he was talking about, that's when she told me about the Berry and what the letter said. I love that kid but he's starting to get greedy lmao
Sweet!! Way to go PR34 and Mik! That son of yours is like mine! LOL.
That's too funny!
If he's anything like my oldest, he's gonna take all he can get, and he's sneaky about it too, LOL.
lol awesome mailday for the little guy and a funny story! Before long he may start claiming some Houstons Tongue
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