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I got these for $12.50 each.. they have not got a coa but both of them does have a csc # sticker on them so I think they have been authenticated.. what do u think... thxs. tom
find out what csc means and see if the company can give you another COA. once that is done you will have walked out with an incredible steal!
if those are real and u only payed 12.50 each for them wow
hopefully you find out some good news on those numbers! great pickups
With or without I think they were a steal. Those look great.
Found this discussion thread on the bay forums about CSC collectibles and autographed pictures.

Couple of key points in the thread in case the link gets deleted:

1. The paper COA they provide with their items states "in our opinion this is authentic" - literally the word opinion is used.

2. They claim all verification is done by Christopher Morales, who happens to have a not so nice article written about his extensive reputation as an authenticator of forged items.
If they are real that is awesome, but the Aaron looks a little suspicious to me. The Dimaggio would be amazing!
think these be worth getting authenticated .. checked out the link above. sounds like csc is not very credable.. give me u'r opinion.. please..thxs.. tom
yes i would get them authenticated
That isn't aaron's auto. A lot of differences, the handwriting is too nice honestly.
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