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Stood in line for an hour with about 1500 people to get autographs before the game (all you UT fans will appreciate that). Only had time for one. Luckily it was Tyler Bray. I always thought he was a great QB but I looked up the projections for the 2013 draft and he is predicted to be the the No. 6 overall pick by a couple of draft specialists. The ball is also signed by the 2nd string QB, Justin Worley, who was the Gatorade National Player of the Year in 2010 (5313 yards, 64 TDs, .727 comp. %) The UT receiver Justin Hunter is also predicted to be a 1st round pick. I certainly hope Bray does well this year. Here are some pics from the game, including Bray, Hunter, Da'rick Rogers and Coach Dooley.
[Image: 2012-04-21182341.jpg]
[Image: 2012-04-21131415.jpg] Bray/Worley
[Image: 2012-04-21131658.jpg] Justin Hunter
[Image: 2012-04-21140343.jpg] Hunter/Da'rick Rogers
[Image: 2012-04-21144657.jpg] Coach Dooley
VERY cool Smile Hope he does well for ya with such a nice auto'd ball Big Grin
Thanks. Guess there aren't many UT fans on these boards
(04-22-2012 01:13 AM)volatty Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. Guess there aren't many UT fans on these boards

No everyone jumped on the Vandy bandwagon around Nashville at least. Next it will be MTSU or something.

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