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Oh man I had sooo much fun today. Did my 1st card show in close to 12 years. I think the last one I did was 2000 may have even been 1999. Took a bunch of cards I didnt care about and made close to $600 in the 1st hour. Spent $900 within an hour after that and made another $100 thru out the day. So all in all I lost about $200. Not too bad a day in my opinion - Especially when you see the boxes I bought!!

1st the only actual cards I bough - Teresa has dibs on the Rice if she needs them.

One is 438/569 other is 232/399 Ryan is 133/399

[Image: Apr21963.jpg]

Next up some Limited - Bought 2 boxes of this - This wasnt my 1st box purchase! Also pulled a Watt that I sold at the show.

Flacco 10/10 Rudolph 40/43 Green 15/49 The redemptions are written on them.

[Image: Apr21965.jpg]

Then I went for some Gridiron Gear -

Jernigan 166/298 Hunter 48/50 Romo 18/49 Heyward 4/299

[Image: Apr21966.jpg]

Then I went back for some Finest

Jackson 217/599 Jernigan 20/25

[Image: Apr21964.jpg]

And with the Finest I bought some more Limited which is scanned above and also bought some SPA -

Page 2/10 Carter 68/225 Hunter 697/699

[Image: Apr21967.jpg]

And now all of this leads me to my very 1st purchase of the day - A box of National Treasures - I wasnt going to do it this year but my dealer messaged me yesterday saying he had one - I told him I was skipping it this year - Well I saw him at the show and he had 2 boxes and well lets face it you make $600 in an hour you're going to buy a box of National Treasures thats staring at you!

Jones 23/99 Sanchez 64/99 Shorts 40/49 Also sold another Watt. Glad I got the Milano too - Been wanting one!

[Image: Apr21968.jpg]

Evans 10/10 Amendola 66/99 Charles 44/49

[Image: Apr21969.jpg]

So by now the redemption has fallen to where I can tell its a redemption. Nothing spectacular has been pulled and there is only 1 card left under the redemption. By this time I as so upset for wasting another $450 on a box that I didnt even want that I didnt even realize what my last hit was -

... For only a second tho ...

Recollection Collection numbered 4/5

[Image: Apr21970.jpg]


Then I get home and have only one package - And its from Ron! Thanks Ron!

For the its not dead yet Ricky PC! There was more Dolphins cards but I didnt scan them.

[Image: Apr21971.jpg]
[Image: Apr21972.jpg]

Holy CUSS!
Once you move that Favre you might be back in the black for your trip to the cardshow.
(04-21-2012 06:25 PM)mrgonzodad Wrote: [ -> ]Holy CUSS!
Once you move that Favre you might be back in the black for your trip to the cardshow.

There is one that has sold already - number 2/5 - that went for $593.50 Delivered - This one will be on the bay tomorrow and its his Jersey number lol
I think you'll get a bunch more than that. Favre fans love them some jersey number.
I really need the flacco for my Pc if its ft, Plmk
that looks like it would have been fun. congrats on the favre.
Dude......................... Im shaking! No. Seriously. Im shaking, sweating & im bitting my fingernails down to the nubb!!!


and his jersey # of all things!!! .................. Im think im suffering from shock!!!
Wow that's awesome! Sweet Fabre and once again, nice hunters lol.
(04-21-2012 06:29 PM)mrgonzodad Wrote: [ -> ]I think you'll get a bunch more than that. Favre fans love them some jersey number.

I jus love me some Favre. Period. The jersey number is jus the cherry on top!

That Favre is MONEY man, Favre fans are worse than Cowboy fans as far as what they will pay, you did very well! Congrats! Smile
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