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I'm looking to buy some Texas Rangers cards. I'm paying cash (or paypal) for them. They have to be in Texas Rangers uniforms. So send me some offers or PM/post what you have. Thanks. Here's what I'm paying:

10% DELIVERED - Any base card;
10% DELIVERED - Inserts, refractors, parallels of former players;
15% DELIVERED - Game used and autographs of former players;
15% DELIVERED - any inserts, refractors or parallels of current players;
20% DELIVERED - Game used of current players;
40% DELIVERED - Star player autographs (Kinsler, Murphy, Young, Hamilton, Andrus, Napoli)
Are the percentages based on book value?
Yes they are
See whats in my org I may have some for you, also have a ton of base and inserts not entered.
Offer sent
Open offer sent for 2 cards I had that you may want.
You're looking for lots right (w/duplicates)?
(04-22-2012 12:58 PM)hellsbells Wrote: [ -> ]You're looking for lots right (w/duplicates)?

No dupes but I am looking for lots
I am almost done with this huge lot I've been putting together for you so hold off on that if you can
I'm still looking for GUd and autos of former players. Anyone got any they're wanting to sell?
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