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(04-20-2012 11:19 PM)ryancholden Wrote: [ -> ]Gehrig and Cano are gone Sad Though I can tell you that I listed them wrong, and they appear to be SP variations....


No problem!

I'll send you every Brave card I've pulled for the 118 Cliff Lee...that would be the LAST CARD I need!!!

Sounds good. Shoot me the trade. Thanks for the Braves and glad I could help.
this is very confusing, i offered u britton, pineda, cliff lee it a trade?
Thanks everyone! I've responded to all inquiries. I REALLY appreciate the help. And sorry for the confusion, I'm not very good at balancing several trades at once. If there is anything else I have that you guys need, please let me know.
I have a few Escobar already but if we can work something I'd take another. What else are you after?
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