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Hey guys, just got back into the hobby. Trying to figure a lot out. Whats everyones thoughts on National Treasures? Is the risk worth it? Is the bang for the buck there? From the case breaks, I have seen it looks awesome.
love the singles so thats what i would buy. for the money on a bad box you can get 3 Beautiful N.T. cards on the bay.. and the case breaks are good to very good on average..if the cash was there this is the way if you like a Rush...
i wouldnt buy a box though...the odds are not good enough for me to get a good card for $400+..
BUY SINGLES... SINGLES... SINGLES... stay away from overpriced crappy so called "high level" boxes... you will be a lot happier in this hobby... seriously...
Bah, do what you want! I like National Treasures, but I lean towards Five Star this year. I have had better luck with those than my National Treasures breaks. Only had 2 NT breaks so far though, so I may just have been unlucky a couple times.

In any case, go for what's fun to you. Personally, the day I stick to singles and stop buying boxes will be the same day I quit collecting. When I buy singles, I buy them for the PC, but it is nowhere CLOSE to the fun I have opening boxes. (My 2 cents)
Well if you have 400 bucks to blow go for it!! I think I would be physically sick risking that much, so I will stick to picking up singles.
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