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Sp photo variations:
[Image: Scan_Pic0372.jpg]
[Image: Scan_Pic0371.jpg]

Green Minis
[Image: Scan_Pic0374.jpg]

Blue Frame /599
[Image: Scan_Pic0376.jpg]
[Image: Scan_Pic0375.jpg]

Relics and autos:
[Image: Scan_Pic0379.jpg]
[Image: Scan_Pic0378.jpg]
[Image: Scan_Pic0377.jpg]
check me out for that Lincecum, thanks.
would be interested in the heyward
(04-20-2012 11:30 AM)TheHammer417 Wrote: [ -> ]check me out for that Lincecum, thanks.

Looking to move the SP's as a lot.
Moonshots, Sliding stars, Glove stories added to organize.
Open offer sent.
check me for the stras and wearth
Open offer sent...
Open offer sent.
Pedroia blue frame/Heyward relic are gone, rest are still up..also have sorted my minis enought to have an idea of whaI I have, they are not in organize yet..
Hit me up on the varitions and the gibson blue
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