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I will slowly add scans of the steelers cards sitting around. I literally have thousands of steelers card not our for sale so heres some of the stuff I wont be selling. Some may be for trade if you give me the right offer.

[Image: File31.jpg]

[Image: File27.jpg]

[Image: File26.jpg]

Sorry no troys are for trade.
[Image: File30.jpg]

Bettis proline is his only rookie auto
[Image: File28.jpg]

[Image: File29.jpg]
Heres a few kordell autos

[Image: scan0034.jpg]
Heres some autos

ward ball
[Image: steelr007.jpg]

Lambert Highland mint auto
[Image: steelr006.jpg]

Lambert gun permit that he didnt finish filling out
[Image: steelr005.jpg]

Mean joe
[Image: steelr004.jpg]

[Image: steelr003.jpg]

Linebacker trio signed
[Image: steelr002.jpg]

Steel curtain black and white
[Image: steelr001.jpg]
(04-19-2012 06:06 AM)supbullcoc Wrote: [ -> ]KEEP 'EM COMING DUDE

Ill try and get some more pics later
No love for the black n gold?
Willie Reid graduated from my highschool. Saw him play and he was dominant in HS.
Loving the Black -n-Gold PC.... that b/w Steel Curtain photo would look get next to this in my PC.....

[Image: Monty005.jpg]

Would you be willing to trade anything in your PC for other Steelers?? I really need the Bleier "E" auto for the nameplate.
yeah I would trade that for a Nice steeler legend auto game used card. And the B and white is next to my helmet and 2 8x10's of the curtain! haha
I wanna see MORE Big Grin
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