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It's back! Please read the whole post below...

Over 1500 cards listed FT with BVs between $3 and $50. Over $9000 in BV total available FT.

$2 of my cards costs you only $1 in your cards in return, so $50 of my cards is just $25 of yours.

Baseball, football and basketball are available, but ONLY ACCEPTING BASEBALL or CLEVELAND BROWNS in return.


Send me open offers and let me know you've sent one in the thread. Only cards currently marked FT are available in this deal, so don't ask about other cards I have.

This deal ends Sunday at midnight MST.

Any deal that doesn't meet minimum trade value will be rejected. If I can't find anything I can use, please don't be offended, if I'm giving up this much in value, I'm looking for stuff I like in return.

Cheers, and happy half-price trading!
open offer sent
no more contender autos?
Offer sent
Open offer sent.
Offer sent.
offer sent
Still have lots, but I'm not looking to move prospect autos for less than BV in trade, sorry.

(04-18-2012 08:55 PM)pyr0punk Wrote: [ -> ]no more contender autos?
One more bump before this great offer ends tomorrow at midnight.
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