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Full Version: Torrey Reebok!!!!!!!
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Hey y'all! I just made a deal for this bad boy and wanted to show it off! Even though its not a auto it will be my favorite card!!!

[Image: 014-3.jpg]

and this is my second favorite!!

[Image: Scan_Pic0129.jpg]
2 nice favorites to have!
(04-17-2012 07:06 PM)phinzphan1372 Wrote: [ -> ]2 nice favorites to have!

thanks you sir! cant wait til i can see the reebok in person! and btw i sent you a pm last night regarding that smith Smile
Sick man, I love logo patches!
Though its a raven...Its still a very sick card man congrats
Those are really nice
Very nice!!!
thats a killer gridiron gear
thanks guys!
SICK cards!!!
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