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I know it's been forever since I've posted on here but I took a little break from collecting for a few months and didn't purchase much other than a few team sets. I was at Target and saw they had just put out 2012 Gypsy Queen so I decided to buy a blaster and see if this year was as good as last years. The design is nice and the inserts are cool so I will def. be picking up an Astros team set on eBay once they're up.

Base cards:
[Image: GQRegular.jpg]

[Image: GQInserts.jpg]

Mini's (Regular back, Straight Cut back and Gypsy Queen Back):
[Image: GQMinis.jpg]

Thanks for taking a look and hopefully I'll be getting back into the hobby soon. I've missed posting/reading on here daily.
Nice! Looks sweet. Thanks for posting!
Love GQ they are beautiful cards.
Definitely awesome looking cards
(04-16-2012 05:07 PM)german_verman Wrote: [ -> ]Love GQ they are beautiful cards.

Agreed, they look great.
Can't wait to get me some J.D. cards out of this set
those are pretty sweet looking
Nice! I know my LCS gets them wednesday so i'll get afew packs for sure. Nice break! I love the slider ones.
Not bad
Nice green mini....those are one per hobby box
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