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I've got quite a bit of new stuff I've accumulated the last few weeks during tax season...would love to trade for anything I have marked as wants - especially Mark Prior, Kerry Wood or Kurt Warner.

[Image: barneseplatinumauto.jpg]

[Image: corbinplatinumauto.jpg]

[Image: duensingtopps60auto.jpg]

[Image: poythressplatinumauto.jpg]

[Image: stubbs12toppsauto.jpg]

[Image: websterplatinumauto.jpg]

[Image: becketttopps60jersey.jpg]

[Image: colvintopps60jersey.jpg]

[Image: dempsterag11.jpg]

[Image: hollidayheritage12.jpg]
[Image: lowrie11agjersey.jpg]

[Image: cano06udspecialfx.jpg]

[Image: carltonmasterpiecesblue.jpg]

[Image: woodeliteturn.jpg]

[Image: wrightprimecuts.jpg]

[Image: wright06spectrum.jpg]

[Image: griffeytriplethreads.jpg]

[Image: fellerheroesgreen.jpg]

[Image: ramirezspectrumorange.jpg]

[Image: teixeiraspectrumgreen.jpg]
[Image: jacksonleafauto.jpg]

[Image: weavertierone.jpg]

[Image: penceginterrelic.jpg]

[Image: ogandosterling.jpg]

[Image: madduxflaircuts.jpg]

[Image: kemp10udjersey.jpg]

[Image: heltonclassicsgu.jpg]

[Image: helton206jersey.jpg]

[Image: glausclassicsgu.jpg]

[Image: gilesgalleryrelic.jpg]
[Image: crowsterlinggu.jpg]

[Image: bagwell206jersey.jpg]

[Image: cosartblackheritage.jpg]

[Image: baileyblackheritage.jpg]

[Image: verlandercopperpoh.jpg]

[Image: ichirobowmanbluerefr.jpg]

[Image: heyward11gold.jpg]

[Image: hamels11gold.jpg]

[Image: hudson12golden.jpg]

[Image: smoltz11cognac.jpg]
I could use the griffey.
Check me for the Hudson please!
Amen to that!!!!!
PLease check me for the Bagwell, Ichiro, Hanley and both Wrights...thanks.
Check me for that Weaver or Glaus.
Large set needs open offer sent your way.
Cool thanks everyone.

Just finishing up my last extension calculation. Then I'm going to go enjoy a beverages to celebrate. But I'm off all day tomorrow so you'll hear back shortly!

Keep the offers coming!
check me for any player in my sig
bump for the weekend
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