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Full Version: Garage sale bargains
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i bought a binder with about 50 pages (450 cards). Here is what had inside.

1. Ed Sprague 1994 Donruss Press Proof limited (2000) #132
2. Deion Sanders 1994 Stadium Club #472
3. Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Bowman (rc) #220
4. Don Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy (game 4826)
5. 2009 Heritage (rookies) and High #'s
6. Josh Riddick (rc) UH#27


7. Tommy Hanson Heritage Chrome...1862/1960
8. Jordan Schafer Heritage refractor...186/560

theres so much to the price i bought, it was a bargain.
if any of you are looking for Heritage high numbers... post your needs here, i will check if i have it.....theres alot of rookies too. im still looking thru the binder to see what cards is worth trading, i will update this post with more results
I love stuff like that. It has been almost a year since I have bought a good sized lot with plenty of cards. Hopefully with summer here, the deals are to be had again. Craigslist, everybody listing cards is way overpriced and thinking they have a gold mine.
i know what you mean, this lady gave it away at a bargain, i offered $10 more because it had a card i like which this card was worth more than what i paid it for
Nice indeed! Thats are the great finds for the bargin price. As for heritage high #'s, i need these:

426,427,428,429,431,434,435,442,443,445,447,450,451,452,455,457,463,465,468,469,​470,473,477,479,480,481,484,485,487,489,490,491,493,497,498.. Let me know!
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