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Well after alot of thinking I have decided to part with my Travis Hafner PC collection to focus on Josh Hamilton, Hunter Pence, Ian Kinsler and my HOF PC's. I am putting them up here first to gauge interest. I would like to sell or trade them in one big lot. Depending on interest I can add them here. If not I am going to take them to the bay. Here is a list and the scans:
2004 UD Origins Autograph TH
2005 Prime Patches Autograph 27
2005 Zenith Patch Autograph ZB-68 #03/25
2005 Leaf Limited Autograph 66 #29/50
2005 Fleer Authentix Jersey Autograph AJA-TH #36/75
2005 Flair Autograph SS-TH2 #061/250
2005 UD Artifacts Autograph TH #107/599
2005 Fleer Signature Swings Autograph SS-TH
2006 UD Exquisite Triple Jersey EM-TH #32/45
2006 Flair Showcase Autograph SC-TH
2006 Allen and Ginter Autograph AGA-TH
2006 Bowman Originals Autograph #140/386
2006 Artifacts Autograph AF-TH #077/400
2006 UD Special FX Autograph SE-TH
2006 UD Sweet Spot Update Autograph w/Jeremy Sowers SS2-TJ #02/35
2007 Ultimate Collection America's Pastime 4 color patch 10/50
2007 UD Black Quad Patch Autograph AU-TH 24/25
2007 Topps Finest Autograph RFMA-TH
2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Autograph "L" BL-48 #02/25
2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Autograph "N" BL-48 #19/25
2007 UD Elements Jsy Autograph CCE-TH #024/199
2007 UD Elements Jsy Autograph CCE-TH #239/350
2007 UD Elements Autograph AU-TH
2007 Topps Highlights Autograph HA-TH
2007 Topps Moments and Milestones Autograph MA-TH
2007 Sweet Spot Dual Autograph W/Victor Martinez SS2-MH 02/10
2007 UD Masterpieces Autograph SG-TR
2007 UD Exquisite Autograph Exquisite Endorsements EE-TH 21/50
2007 SP Legendary Cuts 35 #1/1
2008 Upper Deck Patch 2 Color 98-TH
2008 UD Premier Dual Patch 3 Colors on one 4 colors on the 2nd PP2-HA #23/33
2008 UD Spectrum Patch 2 color SS-HA #2/5
2008 SPX Dual Patch Both 4 color WM-TR 17/50
2008 UD Sweet Spot Auto S-TH 169/171
2008 SPX Autograph SSS-TH

[Image: hpqscan0012.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0013.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0015.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0014.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0016.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0017.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0018.jpg]
I would love to have the hafner pc as I pc him also. Please let me know what you'd like for the ones I need?
talkntribe- PM me which ones you need but I would really like to move them all at once.
(04-15-2012 04:10 PM)rob024420 Wrote: [ -> ]talkntribe- PM me which ones you need but I would really like to move them all at once.

Pm me your price/Trade value. Will take them all. Travis that
I'd take your base and inserts too.
Would like the bay plate if you break it up
talkntribe- it will take me a bit but will send a pm when I get there
dontpray- I will keep that in mind
Rob if you have a sweet spot or cheap on card if each of them you wanna sell me let me know please.
dbroockerd: going to try and move them as big lots, if that doesnt work I will let you know

talkntribe: pm sent
I have these two Hamiltons...
[Image: JoshHamiltonTributeauto.jpg]
[Image: JoshHamiltonTopps60auto.jpg]

if you're interested, shoot me a PM. Saw you were starting to focus on him...
Would like to get some kind of Starlin Castro out of them maybe...
mrswanktank: pm on the way
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