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Full Version: taking a break
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Gonna take a break from trading on this site until beckett gets my org fixed. Its the second time now I have had problems with it and never got a reply to my emails. If this continues I will just cancel my subscription. For now I will still scan the forums and such but please do not send me any trade offers. Thanks
Open offer sent.

Kidding! Hope they get it figured out for you soon.
thats really sick.....beckett always having issues
this obviously doesn't effect our accepted trade, right?
Not at all sir.
Well hell, how am I going to get those Castros you break next week? Smile
Still have more chippers left and your ready?
This keeps happening. Why quit trading? Just enter as needed.
dude i've tried deleting cards out of my org so many times over and over again and they keep getting found by traders sending me offers for them. one A-rod auto in particular i deleted 6 times! and it kept appearing. good luck with your org. mines still screwed up after trying to fix it for months. I quit my subscription
ya im on the verge of doing so and dave i its not about just entering them as they come but my org that you guys see doesnt exist so I cant even take out the ones i traded away. This is a problem for me when i have to constatnly say "sorry buddy dont have x card anymore and sorry but dont have that one either" . Just unfair to the person searching me to get a trade done and makes me feel like crap. I will call them on monday and hopefully get some resulotion to this problem as I have deleted every folder and card in my org. everything says "0" as quantity except my total cards in collection count is over 600 and there is nothing in that folder. tried to delete it but its a system folder and ive done all i can on my end.
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