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I know it's mostly autos and memo cards that people show here but had to show the last 6 cards to finish 63 Fleer set. Hardest set I've ever built Been working on this for 2 years.

[Image: scan0071.jpg]

[Image: scan0070.jpg]

[Image: scan0069.jpg]

[Image: scan0068.jpg]

[Image: scan0067.jpg]

[Image: scan0066.jpg]
There is a reason why there are always "heritage" or "tradition" sets.

Gorgeous set - great job completing it.
Nice set! I need the Alworth from it for my all time PC.
I personally am a fan of the old school Nice pick ups you should scan the collection I would love to see it together
Very nice. I love that set. I've got one from it for the 1960s Chiefs collection I'm working on. Not looking forward to having to pick up that Len Dawson RC in that set at all.
Nice man congrads! I'm working on the '59 Topps set and have hit a standstill myself. Might take me just as long Sad I love seeing old cards once in a while. All most people care about here now is rookies and auto/jsy
Great set, congrats.
Two years, not bad, Ive been working on a set for 7 years and still need 122 cards Sad
Can't believe I missed this thread, congrats on completing your vintage set! Any thoughts on how you want to display it?
Beautiful set.... I tried to do that a few years back but could not find any in really nice condition. that white card stock is a beast for staining....just as bad as black borders chipping. Love the vintage sets.
great job! love the old sets and with the boarders on this it was quite a challenge i would bet.
Love it!
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