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Hey everybody, Im going to be looking to sell some cards for a few months as Im looking to move and I need to pay off school loans to do so. All of the asking prices are including shipping. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!

Nolan Ryan/Homer Bailey 2004 Sp prospects Link to the Past /50

[Image: scan0006ia.jpg]

Ryan Howard 2009 Tribute Triple Bat Auto /99

[Image: scan0005ca.jpg]

Frank Robinson 2008 Prime Cuts Dual Bat 1/3

[Image: scan0009ew.jpg]

Felix Hernandez 2008 Piece of History Franchise History /25 3 color patch

[Image: scan0007gmu.jpg]
More to come in the future, Ill give the updates in the title. Everything in my org is for sale as well. Smile
I'm somewhat interested in the Howard if you could go to 15
(04-13-2012 09:18 PM)arainey Wrote: [ -> ]I'm somewhat interested in the Howard if you could go to 15

PM coming.
Bill Mazeroski 2007 Ultimate Gold Autograph /25 Legendary Signatures

[Image: scan0003sb.jpg]

Babe Ruth 2008 SPx American Legend 1/1

[Image: scan0004mz.jpg]
Bump, gonna post more soon.
Nolan Ryan auto is gone...
Hamels 2011 Topps Chrome Gold Canary 1/1

[Image: 2011toppschromecanary.jpg]

If you have any players you are looking to buy cards of list them and I will post scans if I have them.
LMK what Longorias you have
Am I missing the prices ono the latest cards?
(04-17-2012 03:08 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]Am I missing the prices ono the latest cards?

I took them away because I didn't want people to think that those were final offers. I find its easier to work out a price through PM. Im always flexible.
how much for the hamels canary?
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