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Can you PM a price for the Kimbrel please? Also, I may be interested in the Griffey and the Chipper patch you mentioned earlier. Thanks!
pm a price on the brett gardner if its still available plz.
Sorry zmhower the Gardner was sold. Pm coming chipper4president!
[Image: kgrhqrqqeyywtubgbpors7sk.jpg]

[Image: scan0003ikz.jpg]
Please mark these cards for sale in your organize and price them with your asking prices. Right now you only have 7 cards marked for sale.
Need to make sure whatever you are selling is listed in your organize 1st- as long as you do that you're good to go
Ok you got it thanks for the heads up floyd.
What do you have on the giants...any young prospects?
(05-15-2012 11:50 AM)giants1957 Wrote: [ -> ]What do you have on the giants...any young prospects?

Are you looking for autos of young Giants? Ill have to check.
PM sent
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