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hahah j/k been awhile since Ive gotten some Force thanks Great 48

Sweet card!!!!!!!!! And its a piece of parachute at that!!!!!!
Yea man I love it Will is the man
Very nice - Congrats.
Thanks everyone and remember May the Force be traded to me lol
I was glad to get rid of it. I mean who the hell likes John Force??? Big Grin
Probably the same guy who likes the Skins and Hamlin lol
Nice card Roost. Will is ok when he tries to be. Not very often though. Kodak moment for sure Smile
Yeah Im usually a **** just ask around Big Grin
(04-16-2012 03:27 PM)the great 48 Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah Im usually a **** just ask around Big Grin

Especially at the Post Office! Smile

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