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well the boards have been pretty quiet lately so lets get some trading done. im looking for my 2011 contender auto needs and Museum Collection Texas Rangers patchs / autos. but any kinda rangers really Smile
Aroldis Chapman 2010 Sterling auto
[Image: chapman.jpg]

mike minor /99 tribute auto
[Image: tribute001.jpg]
belt triple gu auto /209
[Image: museum001-Copy2-1.jpg]
Adam Lind RC REF auto /500
[Image: lklk001-Copy2.jpg]
Encarnacion bat / auto /1166
[Image: trades001-Copy.jpg]
neftali feliz '11 contenders auto
[Image: rngr001-Copy.jpg]

plenty more in my bucket thanks for lookin Smile
I've got a UD Masterpieces Ian Kinsler auto and a Topps Chrome Derek Holland auto FT. Got about 100 other Rangers autos and GUd (Hamilton, Beltre, Murphy, Kinsler, Young, Andrus, Cruz, Holland, Harrison, Moreland, etc).

I like the Belt.
I got a couple different Josh Hamilton autos...I'm interested in your Belt.
offer on the way
Interested in the Belt and Minor if you wanna get some more of your Contenders auto needs taken care of.
pm's sent
anyone today?
check me for brandon belt
post updated any traders today?
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