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Full Version: is this NORMAL ???
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Was curious if this is normal or if it should give reason for concern?

BGS slabs have two pieces. A front piece (or top piece) and a back piece (or bottom piece). These two pieces are sealed together to encapsulate and protect the graded card. All of the BGS cards in my possession look like the card diagrammed on the left side. However, I just purchased a card in which the back piece (or bottom piece) is "INSIDE OUT." In other words, when looking at the card from the back side, the serial number reads "left to right" as opposed to being a mirror image and reading right to left.

Basically, the back piece of the BGS slab is facing the opposite direction than the other BGS slabs. Is this a BGS error?

[Image: pm12-1.jpg]
[Image: pm11-1.jpg]
Hmm...Strange. I'll have to check mine now.
Differences, have been outlined and diagrammed in "RED"

Also, notice how the BGS slab with the "INVERTED" back piece has a much larger sleeve around the card within the slab

[Image: invertedcase_1.jpg]
[Image: invertedcase_2.jpg]

Whereas, the regular BGS slab has a much smaller sleeve around the card within the slab.

[Image: regularcase_1.jpg]
[Image: regularcase_2.jpg]
I have some BGS holders with the patent # on the back and some with it on the front. All the BVG holders I looked at had the patent # on the front. I did see some BGS with a "taller" sleeve area. I jthink it depends on the card thickness and size. Hope this helps.
Perfect, thanks for your extra time and efforts! greatly appreciated
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