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I have been getting a bunch of trades done this last week, and still have some that I am working on. My biggest focus right now is Dan Haren, 2011 Bowman's Best, and the 2011 Bowman Throwbacks. With Haren I really want Refractors, GU, Autos, and plates, but will look at base. If you have that, check me out and send me an offer. I really want some nice new Haren. Thanks!
I know I have a lot of Haren in my org but not sure if it's what your looking for. Off the top of my head I know I have at least one nice low numbered patch. Take a look if you want.
I want almost anything. I am looking now, but I can tell you I want it.
Going to try this again.looking for the same stuff. Send me offers. Thanks!
Check out hitmancollectibles (I think it is). He's got a Diamond Kings Green Frame Auto #d/15.
Thank you!
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