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Lot of stuff from 2012 in the org now. Gypsy Queen, Heritage, and Series 2.

I’m hoping to be able to trade to complete some sets I would like to finish for my pc. All my wants are listed in my org., would not mind looking through others orgs. if you have the years I’m looking for. I’m hoping to keep this thread going as my set needs thread, so any help is appreciated. I will be collecting 2012 Allen & Ginter and 2012 Topps Chrome as my sets for this year, so if you collect those don’t forget to come back and look for duplicates. I’m currently looking at completing the following sets….

Willing to go in your favor to get these sets done so I can start new projects!

Looking for the following.....
2004 Upper Deck
#221 Timo Perez
#256 Jason Jennings
#277 Troy Percival
#299 Sidney Ponson
#333 Travis Hafner
#354 Josh Willingham
#360 Lance Berkman
#387 Nick Punto
#407 Mariano Rivera
#450 Jason Marquis
#469 Reed Johnson
#472 Gary Sheffield SH CL
#480 Alex Rodriguez SH CL
#529 Ian Snell SR RC
#534 Merkin Valdez SR RC

2006 Upper Deck
#100 Nomar Garciaparra
#181 Nook Logan (incoming)
#238 Cesar Izturis (incoming)
#274 Travis Bowyer (RC) (incoming)
#388 Brian Myrow RC (incoming)
#461 Kenny Rogers
#1240 Barry Zito CL SP (incoming)

2009 Allen & Ginter
Checklists cards (These are basically throwaway cards that I can’t find in any price guide.)

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen
#302 Brian McCann SP
#303 Johnny Mize SP
#306 Tommy Hanson SP (incoming)
#308 Kila Ka'aihue SP
#310 Jon Garland SP (pending)
#311 Hisanori Takahashi SP
#317 Justin Upton SP (pending)
#319 Elvis Andrus SP
#321 Brett Sinkbeil SP
#323 Shin-Soo Choo SP
#326 Chase Utley SP
#330 Brandon Morrow SP
#331 Greg Halman RC SP (pending)
#333 Travis Wood SP
#336 Domonic Brown SP
#342 Placido Polanco SP
Gypsy Queens #GQ1 Zenda
Gypsy Queens #GQ2 Oriana (incoming)
Gypsy Queens #GQ3 Halaveni
Gypsy Queens #GQ4 Keyseria
Gypsy Queens #GQ5 Sonia
Gypsy Queens #GQ8 Dianamara
Gypsy Queens #GQ12 Adara(incoming)
Gypsy Queens #GQ13 Mirela
Gypsy Queens #GQ15 Lavenia
Gypsy Queens #GQ19 Adamina

Thanks for looking and I hope to get some trading done.

All cards that I'm looking for are marked in my org as "wants" / "trade for".
offer sent. see if I have any of your needs.
I've got some 2010 ginter, I just need to load it.
(04-07-2012 06:32 PM)86champs Wrote: [ -> ]offer sent. see if I have any of your needs.

You have a lot of my needs. I replied to your offer and I could have kept adding more!

shivelycore: Sounds great!
Open offer sent, Cancel if you don't need anything. Thanks!
Open offer sent with comment.Thanks.
(04-07-2012 06:50 PM)ne12bc12 Wrote: [ -> ]You have a lot of my needs. I replied to your offer and I could have kept adding more!

Thanks for the monster trade Smile
(04-07-2012 08:14 PM)86champs Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the monster trade Smile

LOL, monster could be an understatement.
Thank you!
Open offer sent. Make it as big as you want!
Don't have any of your set needs but was wondering what ya woul want for all your chippers an I you got any of his autos lemme know
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