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I was wondering if anyone else has some trouble adding the correct card to their org? I had a 97 finest (refractor?) Barry Sanders, and Beckett even has pictures, and I was 90% sure I listed it correctly in my org, and after I traded it, the guy getting it, says it wasn't the right card and said it was the base version. Which I thought was crazy, but I don't doubt that I may have made a mistake, like I said. All the pics and some of the details on the back of the card matched up with both the base and refractor version. When I bought it off the bay it even said it was the refractor, but I am skeptical of any info off the bay anyways. Luckily the guy was cool and didn't cause a stir, I apologized quite a bit and even offered to do whatever it took to make it right. The BV difference was about 10-15$ so I felt awful, but I did send a scan, and I did mention before the guy accepted that I may have been wrong. So I'm sure that's why there wasn't a big shouting match over it. But then I received a card today from another trade and it was either listed incorrectly, or the guy had 2 versions and sent the wrong one. Needless to say, after my round about way, am I the only guy who does have some questions when listing my card? I consider myself above average in knowledge when it comes to cards, so I'm just wondering if I'm in this boat alone.
I had some trouble once with retail vs hobby. I had like 3 cards that were the same # and all had different pictures and had no idea which was which. lol turns out they were all the retail version.
yea, with all the different refractors/retail/hobby/SP/parallels out there it is hard to tell what is what... It is getting really annoying trying to decipher a retail card from the hobby card (different pic? glossy? red border? I dont know!)
It happens sometimes, especially with retail or other parallels. Sometimes it's just hard to tell. Although on the 1997 Finest refractors it says "Refractor" right next to the card number.
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