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Full Version: Why I love the hobby.
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Close the page if you want to see a huge pull....cause this isn't the reason.

I just bought two rookie cards (Contenders - base/non auto, and Plates and Patches - silver/non auto) of.....MICHAEL PALMER. Who? The 3rd string TE of the Falcons.

Who else is he? My daughters favorite football player - he went to he elementary school and reads to her class -2 years in a row now. Last year she got an autographed poster - this year I got her the P&P card for an in person auto. Got the contenders for my 4 yr old to get an in person as well.

I'll post the photo when she gets her auto (in her school library) Smile
Thats pretty sweet! I love to hear stories of players that do this and spend time giving back to the fans and just being great people!
Awesome!!! Good to hear there are such cool players out there... Especially reading all the stories about the d-bag athletes these days...
A very touching story, and a awesome time for your daughter.
Wow that's truly amazing. I've never actually met a player before unless you consider paul hornung signing at ur lcs and complaining the whole time.
cool man! Nice to hear these guys are giving back you know. Even though he is a 3rd string that still is awesome that he cares enough to go and do things like that. Post that pic when you get it!
He's a really nice guy. He even got choked up last year reading the story. It meant something to him and he wanted to share it with he kids.

He's got a cool story - Clemson was the only school that courted him (he played highschool for Parkview (Gwinnett, Ga - identical jerseys as Clemson) - did well, but not drafted. ATL picked him up as they always do with local products.....but he made the team. He just re-signed this year after his 2 year deal was up. Falcons apparently like what he brings.

You can search and see his first pro TD - and see the reaction from Tony Gonzalez. I think the team just likes what he brings - talent and positivity.
WOW! Awesome story!
I wonder if any schools would let Morris Claiborne read to the kids...if he can read, that is... Tongue
Very cool story
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