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Full Version: Card Saver 2 question
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When I have sent cards in the past I have always used a card saver 2. I know this is the recommended method but is it required? I mean, when I purchase a nice looking card in a standard top loader it is extremely stressful attempting to remove that card and then fit it into the card saver 2.

Are there any paticular methods people use to avoid damaging cards when transfering between cases? It is said card savers are recommended because they are less likely to damage in shipping, but I would argue that the probability is equal to damaging it during the transfer process.

Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about, lol. Has anyone ever sent cards in to be graded that weren't in card saver 2s?
I only use the card saver two when shipping to a grading company because they are not likely to move around as much in those. I've actually tried one time (yes, I was bored) putting a card in the card saver and shaking the heck out of it and it didn't move. There is enough around the edge to keep it from bumping into an edge/corner of the holder and as long as you pack the card correctly to ship, there shouldn't be any issues with the cards getting damaged. For the movement purposes alone, I believe that the cards are safer than the top load for the transfer process.
I leave my cards in penny sleeves. Even in the Saver II's. That way I dont worry too much about taking them in and out of the holders.
I've shipped cards in card savers 1 and 2, in top loaders, snap cases, one touches, screw down slabs. Never had a problem.
Also to save on shipping cost;

I send my cards with each individually sleeved in a penny sleeve, then bag 'em up in team bags with one toploader per team bag. They are protected just fine that way.
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