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I love name plates and want to see what everyone has. I am not going to post mine because they are in my sig, so it would be a bit redundant. lol.

**edit, since i changed my sig, here are my plates

[Image: NameplateBL.jpg]
[Image: Nameplate.jpg]
[Image: laronlandrydonruss.jpg]
[Image: laronlandryspwhite.jpg]
[Image: laronlandryspsilver.jpg]
Wow guys GREAT nameplates!!!!
[Image: 2011-10-20154102.jpg]
Thats a real cool one!!
[Image: NewScansNov2011174.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011156.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011157.jpg]
[Image: newscans033.jpg]
[Image: nov16th020.jpg]
[Image: nov16th021.jpg]
[Image: nov16th022.jpg]
[Image: nov16th023.jpg]
[Image: nov16th024.jpg]
[Image: nov16th025.jpg]
working on Nicks.

[Image: scan8-2.jpg]
[Image: scan8-1.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0493.jpg]
Great you two!!!!! awesome!!! let's see some more!!
[Image: preferredletterman1.jpg]
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