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Looking to mainly trade for Mid-Highend Prospect Autos, Or....
Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera, Al Kaline Autos

(Feel free to check the bucket out as well)
Pictures by makingthatflow - Photobucket

[Image: 9524f97c.jpg]
[Image: 9ebd363d.jpg]
[Image: 046384e4.jpg]
[Image: 56de18c7.jpg]
[Image: e91ed8be.jpg]
[Image: db0fe50a.jpg]
[Image: Mays.jpg]

[Image: 5becd482.jpg]
[Image: 5596b49f.jpg]
[Image: dfe60de3.jpg]
[Image: 0c00bcbf.jpg]

[Image: cac573b1.jpg]
[Image: 150780be.jpg]
[Image: 813bc238.jpg]

[Image: 8e3282d3.jpg]

[Image: 9bd0bfc4.jpg]
[Image: 9a6d80d0.jpg]
[Image: 1af248ba.jpg]
[Image: d218aa16.jpg]

[Image: b7ace536.jpg]
72 Steve Carlton
[Image: da10dbcd.jpg]
69 Clemente
[Image: Clemente.jpg]
69 Aaron
[Image: aaron.jpg]
[Image: Frank.jpg]
[Image: Willie.jpg]
69 Pete Rose
[Image: Pete.jpg]
69 Robinson
[Image: Or.jpg]
Interested in the Ryan and possibly a few others.
I like the Maris, do not think I have anyhting you are looking for though
Open offer sent.
Check me for 69 Ted, and I might be interested in the Rose, although the grade is a touch low for the set I'm building.
That is a nice collection of cards there.

However, you are making me feel old. Since when is a 1983 Topps card a "Vintage" card. That must make me an antique.
sorry about that sox fan!! just snuck that in there, responding to offers now!! thanks
Check me for the Aaron, but I do not think I have what you are looking for.
really looking to work some deals here!!
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