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Full Version: Quick sale thread:
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I just made an offer on a DiMaggio auto. It was about 5 minutes after I agreed to spend my remaining funds on cmurphy's Ripkens and stras. So I gotta quick sell to get some money for the DiMaggio.

Prices are dropped. All prices are shipped and offers welcome.

Hamilton TTT $$35 sold
[Image: scan0148.jpg]

BJ Upton TTT /9 $30
[Image: scan0146.jpg]

Tulowitzki letter Z $35 sold
[Image: scan0229.jpg]

Billingsley x-factor auto $25
[Image: scan0201.jpg]

Tabata red ink $30 sold
[Image: scan0098.jpg]

Romero red ink $35
[Image: scan0158.jpg]

Fielder Booklet $52
[Image: scan0303.jpg]
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