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Full Version: Fake Pujols patch??
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Never seen a card like that from 09 Tribute, I think it is fake but was hoping to get your thoughts on it...
Yikes, doesn't look like anything I've ever seen out of tribute
What a weird description "This card is no artificially created rarity; it's a classic." - so, maybe it's an artificially created classic and not rare or rare? ha ha

As for whether or not it is real, I don't know.
i'd say fake,

1. it doesnt look real
2. i dont think they would put that nice of a path in a card /75
It's real, I've seen many pujols patches like that out of 09' tribute
I would be a little cautious with this one. There are a few on the bay that are out of /75 and none of them have a crazy colored patch like this. They are all solid pieces of material. Dunno. I really doubt they would just randomly make 40/75 stand out so much from the rest. Seems a little odd to me.
for comparison sake:

I'm obviously no expert, but the patches look a little funny to me. Other "bird" patches I have seen from Topps Sterling or other high end products are a different texture.
Topps is funny like that. I have this 09 Sterling #/25 with multicolor patches. I have seen the same card #/10 with no patches in it.
[Image: 09tscr5ccp1.jpg]
If it's real, that's one of the nicest looking patches I've seen on a card.
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