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Picked up this little beauty yesterday ( the one on the left ) for the Chiefs PC, trying to incorporate a little old school into the PC. Thought I'd toss it up here for Jnc to check out I think he can appreciate the awesomeness.

[Image: DED8B7D2.jpg]
How can someone NOT appreciate what Tom Landry has done? Awesome card man!
(04-01-2012 09:21 PM)mattfastiggi Wrote: [ -> ]How can someone NOT appreciate what Tom Landry has done? Awesome card man!

Thank you my friend..................of course I bought it for the Hank Stram though
i like it too! two of the best ever on one card, a 9.5 AND a Fotg?? yea..that's MONEY
u know how i like Hank bro,he has some of the best old school coaching NFL clips...the jokes,the rants and the shear joy of football were all there for us to see as a kid..
love the NFL films!
I got some awesoem cowboys stuff this weekend haha...and chibears got a few things youd like too
That is one sweet azz card!
Now that's sick! I need to get a landry for my pc
(04-01-2012 10:08 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]That is one sweet azz card!

No sh**!! That is unbelievable!! Two REAL legends of the NFL, that is an amazing pickup bro, just amazing. And with a gold bar for good measure, I am jealous! Wink Congrats on that find for real! Smile
i would say that you picked up some nice cards congrats
Thanks all I'm pretty happy to get it I've been watching it for a while with a high buy it now so was pleased when it relisted cheaper
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