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I'm looking for checklists from 1999 up until now of certain products. I could put a checklist together myself from beckett but that would take me a long time.

Let's say for example I want a full checklist of 2007 Topps DPP. Whats the easiest way to get one?

What I tried to do was go to the page on here of 2007 Topps DPP. On the right side, it told me what subsets were in this set. I was able to click on them and I would get a checklist of that subset. I would then copy and paste into excel and use a formula to extract the players name.

Is there an easier way? It'd be great if I could have the entire set on the same page so I could just copy and paste it all at once. Is that possible?

Or is there another way? Please help. Thanks a lot for any help.
Are you looking to get each subset checklist or each player's checklist? Because from your post, it looks like you want both.
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