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thinking about heading to walmart and picking one up
Contenders and Topps Chome IMO
If you can find a topps chrome there the best
Topps Magic too. I always liked topps magic
leaft draft blaster are out at walmart. They have gold which is random packs 2 auto guarrentee, no parralells and some dupes. Andrew luck american army card guarentee, gold has 1 auto complete 50 card base set with 10 gold parralells and RG3 guarrentee. There ok, if you still can find topps chrome or platinum your lucky!
couldnt find chrome or platinum, or anything else good really, so i grabbed 2 of the leaf drafts with 2 autos. ill post it over on the box break forum, nothing good lol
Is "funnest" a word?
I think funnest is a word I have used it before but im no english teacher and when my wal mart is out of topps I have been buying the leaf draft 4 card packs and out of 10 so far 4 autos not to bad but the leaf draft boxes piss me off because they come with 80 cards and its a 50 card set and im still 22 short lol
i thought about that after i posted lol. probably should be "most fun" instead of "funnest". whatever haha
Definitely NOT Gems of the Game!!! Anything besides those packaged asst boxes
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