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my lovely girlfriend bought me this because she had a good feeling.

[Image: IMG_0170.jpg]
Sweet Box! love the Robinson!
Any of them for trade...interested in some...LMk!
Sweet center card
Awesome break and AWESOME girlfriend Smile
Congrats on the box and the giving girlfriend, my wife would never have done that.
Love that Robinson... you got to ask your GF to pick me a box..

My wife hates that I collect basketball cards.. she said they are useless pieces of cardboard & that I should spend my money on useful stuff like clothes... haha.. I try not to buy too many clothes.. maybe 1-2 outfits every 3-4 months.. you should see my wife's make-up collection, compared to my sports cards.. I think we got a whole dresser full of it.. she gets $500 worth of make up every quarter from her work... I wish got that much money working at a cardshop or internet dealer.. that would be a cool bonus.
always good when you pull a book card
nice box bro. congrats. love the patterson. West Virginia boy!!!!!!!! I watched him and OJ Mayo play their last high school game at the State Championships their senior year.
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