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Full Version: DANG YOU NIKE!!!
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There is a 2 week span where jerseys are not available? If I understand it right, Reebok cant sell their jerseys anymore because of the contract between the NFL and Nike and Nike isn't going to release their jerseys until April 15th!... the LAST day of the sports show in San Francisco... please tell me I am wrong... I was wanting to get a few (Authentic) jerseys and have them autographed at the show...
Your unfortunately correct, the photos are to be released of what the new uniforms are to look like. The date I heard from my LCS is April 5. You can order your jersey online on April 15, but shipping won't occur to end of month. April 27 is the first possible day you'll have a Nike jersey
I can't wait to order an Authentic Shipley jersey...Smile
Very intrested to see what kind of changes they gonna make, even if slight.
Buy 1 on Feebay to get signed.
I cant guarantee that it will be here by next thursday... Im still lookin though
Yeah the bay is your best shot. If you get one now you should have it before you go.
I think I will just take my 2011 NFC Championship ticket and get Willis to sign it... even though they lost it will be something... he will probably refuse to sign it though since they did lose... haha still has jerseys for sale on it and they overnight things
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