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ha! i was gonna get that one but i had a tooth infection that took priority. wanted to kick myself when i saw how low it sold. glad you got it!!
I couldnt believe it either. The seller had this one and a regular absolute and I sniped both since they do combined shipping. Couldnt believe they almost sold for the same.
This card has had a few different homes over the years...But now as my 98th it is finally home Smile

[Image: 2012-11-05181245.jpg]
Been too long but finally an update. Was able to pick up #99 Smile

[Image: img398.jpg]

Here are a few more nicer cards I've picked up over the past couple of months:

[Image: img396.jpg]

Nice patches:
[Image: img395.jpg]
[Image: img397.jpg]
[Image: img399.jpg]
[Image: img400.jpg]

and Certified Gold:
[Image: img401.jpg]

I also got the /25 variation of Contenders and the /10 platinum Threads but I did not scan either.

I have the redemption from Timeless Treasures coming in. I wont count that as my 100th till I have actually got the card from Panini. I would love for someone to help beat me to that tho and send one of the few I need yet my way!
Beautiful collection. You set the standard for what a super collection should be.
Absolutely amazing stuff! That is definitely one of the coolest collections I have seen yet. Nice work man
Wow man just amazing. Henderson is having a good season too. It is crazy how many 1/1's you have and how many amazing autos/patches. Great stuff!
Thanks guys!!!! I'm thinking about doing a contest when I get my 100th. Only thing I got to give away is some Henderson autos so there might not be many people who participate Wink

Keep your eyes out for anything rare of Henderson, I am thoroughly interested. Shoutout to htowntigger on that, he found that Spectrum Prime Patch and acted as the intermediary for me Smile

My list is down to 8 non 1/1's:

2009-10 Panini Next Day Signatures #12
2009-10 NT Platinum RPA /5
2009-10 R&S Freshman Orientation Materials Prime Sig /10
2009-10 R&S Team Logo Emerald /5
2009-10 R&S Team Logo Blue /10
2009-10 SP Game Used SP Rookie Sig /5
2009-10 Timeless Treasures NBA Aprentice Materials Prime Sig /10
2009-10 Upper Deck Draft Edition gold /5

Im surprised I havent seen the /10's or some of those /5's
im so far behind.... I dont think Ive ever seen most of the ones youre looking for. I wonder where they are. That collection makes me both happy and sick at the same time. Nicely Done!
Ya I've only actually ever seen 3 of them. The Panini Next day has popped a few times. I dont buy into the hype on them so I've always kind of had that as one of the last one's Ill get. The SP Game Used /5 hit ebay about a year ago and I underestimated what it would sell for and got killed on my snipe. There is a Freshman Orientation /10 on Ebay right now with a BIN thats more than double what it would sell at if it was auction. There are 9 more of them out there and the seller never responded to my offer, so ill wait.

I'm really most surprised in those R&S ones.
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