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Nice Stuff!!!
nice collection... love that Court Kings auto... Wish I could go after the auto set... but with high auto print run... always push that thought to the side..

If you ever decide to go after non-autos.. I got the below card.

2009-10 Limited Freshmen Jumbo Jersey Numbers Prime #11 (non-auto ser # /10)

2009-10 Limited Freshmen Jumbo Jersey Numbers Signatures #11 (auto ser # /49)
Thanks for all the comments guys. I really do enjoy my Henderson PC. I like being able to have a ton of different cards and some that are considered "high end."

jpleazme - I might be interested in those two
Was able to pick up a few more for the PC. Almost to 90% of all non 1/1's Smile I now have at least 1 of every auto that was inserted into the Limited products!

[Image: GeraldHendersonAbsoluteJumboJerseyAuto.jpg]
[Image: GeraldHendersonLimitedJumboPatchAuto.jpg]
[Image: GeraldHendersonNationalTreasuresDualPatchAuto.jpg]
[Image: GeraldHendersonNationalTreasuresDualTags.jpg]
[Image: GeraldHendersonNationalTreausuresRPAGold.jpg]
yeah yeah, blah blah, your Henderson PC is absurdly awesome. Now, when you gonna buy those Payton/Kemp refractors from me? I need some cash for my wedding! :-P

I really hope my Mitch Richmond collection can mirror the scope of your Henderson collection some day. Obviously MJ is cost-prohibitive and Richmond doesn't have that many autos, but I could get lots of Richmond autos/low #ed inserts/refractors and such hopefully!
Your collection is ***** as the kids say.
FINALLY got another new Henderson Auto, and its my 90th different one Smile

[Image: GeraldHendersonAboslutePrimeNumberPatchAuto.jpg]

Can I consider myself a supercollector of Henderson Autos? Wink
well another Site says you need to have 12% of his Autos so i think 87% is passable lol
wow..... im amazed. you know he changed numbers? now hes 9.
(06-21-2012 10:23 PM)quavis Wrote: [ -> ]wow..... im amazed. you know he changed numbers? now hes 9.

ya i guess he gave it to Kemba. Shows he is a team guy and doesnt matter what Number he is.
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