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first found a 2006 Ovation Daniel Cabrera Curtain Call auto #/25, now while entering cards in my organize I found a 2001 Fleer Autographics Wilfredo Rodriguez auto that isn't listed.

Any thoughts?
I am having enough trouble getting a 4 card set changed to a 9 card set even know I showed photo evidence as well. He told me he was going to update it a week ago tonight and nothing yet. Good luck but its like pulling teeth to get them to add anything old in the list.
Yeah just searching ebay I found about 2 dozen Rc cards from 2012 Heritage that Beckett doesn't have designated as Rookies.

Using their database is pretty much useless unless you are doing a general search but when it comes to identifying Rookies, #'d out of, etc... it's not even close to being accurate. And they expect us to pay for this stuff ?
I quit paying for the OPG months ago because a lot of 2011 cards I had were not ever added and went through the whole sending a picture etc and they were still never added.
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