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Just wanted to let everyone know that Paypal has issued a full refund of my money and the seller (a female) has her account on high alert. PayPal is pushing this further but as of now has not shut her down completely. They do now have here true name and address on record. The sheriff had no response from the residents and until they can build a full case with solid eveidence they can't issue a warrant. I have a bad feeling she could walk here guys which sucks for those who have cards put there but I have done everything in my power. I don't wanna post a name here for reasons of slander, etc.

After speaking to the local card shop in Cheyenne they told me she had been banned from the shop and was unable to return there for business. She is not a first time offender with them. They were in no way surprised by this.

If anyone needs any further assistance from me please let me know.
Yes I need lunch and can't leave work yet to get it. On a serious note glad to hear you got a refund on that cash though. Now let's hope the rest will get their items and such back as well.
Good news! I hope everone else gets whats owed to them also.
Jakelovescards is a woman?
(03-30-2012 12:59 PM)iconms Wrote: [ -> ]Jakelovescards is a woman?

+1...What about the sick woman, are they one and the same?
Man this is twisted
No they are not the same woman.
I think she is in on it or at least knows though. The vehicle in the drive is registered to both woman. Chris had an email conversation with the sick woman (or supposedly that's who was responding). She claimed it was a nephew who lived there and moved out Saturday and didn't say where he was going. Since we know that to be a lie I am guessing the sick woman is part of it or the other woman is pretending to be the sick woman behind her back.
Thats great hopefully Paypal will refund me soon too.
This is like a daytime soap opera. Glad you guys are getting your money back, but a really weird scenerio.
wow...i havent logged into the baseball forums in a few days. That sucks dbroockerd. i have been reading the jakelovescards thread, unbelievable!
(03-30-2012 01:28 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]Chris had an email conversation with the sick woman

WHo is Chris? (the Chris that emailed the woman, the sick one) I am getting my characters all mixed up!
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