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Guys/Gals, some of you are trying to help and I appreciate it. However, for the sake of those involved please DO NOT. I am working with the Sheriff in Cheyenne, the local police, the FBI from an online fraud claim, Paypal, and the PO. We have identified the person behind the scam. We know all we need to to build a case. The DA has been in contact with the sheriff in Cheyenne.

One of our members contacted the home of the resident today and tried to tell the story and the blame was laid off on the wrong person. Again, I am asking you please do not try to get involved.

If you are a victim them you are within your rights to do so, but otherwise you may just be hurting the case.

Please if you have been a victim do the following and in this order.

The FBI report will ask for police report numbers but we are finding the police prefer you file the FBI report first.

1. File a Paypal dispute if Paypal was involved.
2. A fraud complaint can be filed for the victims through the FBI website, most of you involved have already been added to two of these
3. a police report filed in your home town (must be done after the FBI report if possible)
4. If insurance was used launch a postal investigation via the PO website
5. contact the Cheyenne, WY sheriff's department

The more info you have when doing these things the better.

After filing these reports, you are able to fax a copy of them to Paypal. This helps.

My PM is clogging and I can't keep up so please don't be offended if I am not responding to everything sent.
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