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If you are intersted in any of these cards please let me know or submit open ended offers. Thanks RIchard

Looking for any and all Brauns i can get my hands on. Some cards listed below im only intersted in letting for Braun RCs (Griffey Jr 89 Upper Deck, Randy Johnson Marlboro ERR RC red tint) but im open to any offers.

[Image: Scan-9.jpg]

[Image: Scan-8.jpg]

[Image: Scan1-4.jpg]

[Image: Scan2-5.jpg]

[Image: Scan31-2.jpg]

[Image: Scan4-5.jpg]

[Image: Scan5-3.jpg]

[Image: Scan2-4.jpg]
I like the Panik,but i don't think I have any Braun's.Can you check me anyways?
I'm interested in the Verlander, 2010 Ackley, and Pudge Rodriguez GU. Open offer sent.
Interested in the Hellickson.
if anyone is intersted please submit open ended trades
i sent you an open offer yesterday
John PM sent
cmb for the red x pierzinski
I'm sending you an offer for the Red X Pierzynski
Check me for the Griffey 89 RC
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