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How are we supposed to do that?

[Image: fa43a6b5.jpg]
Lmaoo..i guess beckett didnt get the memo
We should just create our own cards of them...
We can still collect pre-rookie cards of Kyrie Erving. Ten rookies that we should collect does not specifically imply that it is gonna be rookie cards in an NBA team uniform.
HAHA +1 now these are the types of Posts you should be making
Beckett always does this around this time of the year/season.
that is hilarious!!! way to go beckett--- not like it has been discussed daily on your site for several weeks.
don't think it is talking about 2011-12... guess only 99 people will be able to attempt to collect the 10 best rookies...

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I don't have the mag so I'm not sure what's on the inside, but if it's talking about rookies from this year, it may not specifically be referring to their rookie cards. They may be saying, in a shorter way, "Of the rookies of this years class, those you should think about collecting are." If the title was "10 Rookie Cards You Should Collect" then that would be different, but even still, it could be talking about rookie cards of all time. If you're bored, PM me the story inside or give us your summary of the article.
Since we are on the subject I thought Id share my short list of these players rookie cards I want:

Kyrie Irving
Klay Thompson
Iman Shumpert
Josh Harrelson
Bismack Biyombo
Kenneth Faried
MarShon Brooks
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