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Full Version: Most Valuable Brands?
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With buying boxes, which brands i.e. (Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, ect.) have you guys found to yeild the highest return? Like do some brands consistently give you more inserts than others? Are there brands that are so low-end that buyers tend to stay away from them? Or are all brands virtually the same?

i would say Exquisite, sp authentic and national treasures is a good start, Five star is good a well, it all deends how much you are wanting to pay per card, pack or box. if you have a nice budget get the big boys if not the lower end stuff has some goodlooking cards as well.

Buying singles seems to give ya the highest value in return. Smile On a serious note I would stay far away from Panini and i think topps products --mainly chrome gives ya the best bang for your buck!
Best bang for the buck is usually to get product the year after it comes out, as there are usually some big drops in box prices once the next year's product comes out. I like Topps Chrome as a good box to open.
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