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I am moving this post to this side. Anyone who owns a card shop on here, if you have by any chance opened any of the 2004 leaf r&s stuff. could you check for these. I know it is asking for a lot but i have exhausted all the online searches. just want to finish the longevity parallel at least. 7 years and so close. have knocked 8 off the list and down to these 10

here is the link to my photobucket so you can see what i am trying to complete

2004 Leaf rookies & stars longevity (cards numbered on the back)

94 Mark Brunell/125 Redskins

102 Karlos Dansby/75 AZ
111 Tim Euhus/75 Bills
118 Keiwan Ratliff/75 Bengals
119 Landon Johnson/75 Bengals
138 Kendrick Starling/75 Texans
160 Rod Davis/75 Vikings
168 Darrell McGlover/75 JETS
177 Matt Ware/75 Eagles
197 Rich Gardner/75 Colts
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