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Hey, guys,

I have been out of the hobby for a few years. Even when I did collect, I never had the funds to get a high-end collection going. I was able to accumulate a collection of bases, jerseys, and autos, most of which are low-to-mid end products.

I am looking for advice on how I could start to get back into the hobby. I do not have $500 a month to spend on box breaks, and my interests are very limited (basically just Packer cards).

I would love to get back into collecting, but I'm kind of lost as to what direction I should take. Should I be trying to trade what I have now for higher-end products, buying boxes, buying singles, packs, hobby, retail?

Any help would be appreciated!

first of all, welcome back to the hobby, or as i like to call it, an addiction. I would say if you have a smaller budget as myself and are only interested in collecting one thing, such as Packers cards, by single cards on ebay and go through your things you currently have and trade what you don't want for things you do. you will most likely not be able to trade a bunch of low to mid end items for a high end or two, most people won't "trade down" to that extent. good luck and look forward to talking to you on the boards!
My advice? Don't buy boxes. If you buy a $100 box, you could get an aaron rodgers press pass auto for the same price Smile
Thanks for the advice. Is there anyone out there that is interested in buying/trading for mid-end autos/jerseys, or should I try the bay?
you'll find a lot of mid-high end and some low end traders. A list or bucket will be beneficial to you as you move forward in trading..welcome back
There are always guys looking to trade or at least I am. I collect a lot different feel free to check my org.
to trade here you have to put all of your cards you want to trade in your organize and make sure they are marked for trade, like cox1781 said, there are always people looking to trade on here, i don't have any packers currently, but i will keep you in mind if i get any, good luck!!!
Welome back. W/o reading the other posts. Do what makes you happy buy singles and save yourself from boxes and pack dissapointment.
(i should take that last part of info myself.)
Yeah I would say the same. If you haven't got a lot to spend each month..don't buy boxes!! Have a look around for single cards you like and can afford. Nearly everyone here will use e bay. Take a look at auctions of cards you like and keep an eye on them.

If it's still affordable towards the end, then put in a last minute bid. Sometimes you can get the card you want for a steal of a price.

Check Out My Cards is another site worth looking at. You have the opportunity to buy and sell cards on there.

There is so much else to this hobby.

As you're starting from square one, do the basics first. List the cards you want to trade in your organize.

If you have a scanner or camera, open a photobucket account and scan or take photos of the cards you want to trade. You can link the account to your Beckett account, giving others an opportunity to see what they are trading for.

You can still enjoy this hobby without spending a fortune. And people on this forum are always looking for a trade.

Above all just enjoy it!!
You could just buy singles if your on a limited budget. Or, if you did want to buy boxes, you could buy stuff like Score, or Topps and get decent enough breaks for what you pay them
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