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Admittedly I'm gonna be rather selective on some of these, I'm mainly looking for:
1) HOF Autos of players I don't have yet.
2) Bowman Auto needs (see the thread below my sig).
2) Autos of top stars I don't have yet (A-Rod, Ichiro, Holliday, Rivera, Granderson, Ellsbury, J. Upton, C. Gonzalez, Howard, Sabathia).

Fire me an open offer or lemme know what you like in the thread. There's lots more in my org too. Cheers.

[Image: 01pujols.jpg]
[Image: 02mauer.jpg]
[Image: 02quad.jpg]
[Image: 04votto.jpg]
[Image: 05kershaw.jpg]
[Image: 05sandberg.jpg]
[Image: 06dimaggio.jpg]
[Image: 08campanella.jpg]
[Image: 08votto3.jpg]
[Image: 09white.jpg]
[Image: 09posey.jpg]
[Image: 09ramirez.jpg]
[Image: 09ripkenrodriguezjones.jpg]
[Image: 09jaysquad.jpg]
[Image: 10taillon.jpg]
[Image: 10ripken.jpg]
[Image: 11pineda.jpg]
[Image: 11johnson.jpg]
[Image: 11bruce.jpg]
[Image: 11longoria.jpg]
how much for the ramirez auto? I'd love a shot at that for my pc. lol
Really like that sandberg. Send me a pm with what hof autos you are looking for.
check me for the Pujols--thanks.
Offer sent.
Let's try to work again on the Joe d or bruce
interested in the Pineda
Profar/Longoria offer sent.
i would love a shot at posey......check me .....thanks
trade offer sent
If you can find something, check me for the DiMaggio and pujols, thanks
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