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Got a steal from the Market today. Guy had $50 grab bags with at least 5 autos per bag/box. He took a M.J. 23kt Michael Jordan card and $20 in trade for a bag. Seeings that I don't like the gold cards why not try it. Check it out...[Image: IMG_0050.jpg][Image: IMG_0049.jpg][Image: IMG_0048.jpg][Image: IMG_0047.jpg][Image: IMG_0046.jpg][Image: IMG_0045.jpg][Image: IMG_0044.jpg][Image: IMG_0043.jpg][Image: IMG_0042.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0041.jpg]
Also got a Colt Mccoy rc Finest Atomic, C. Mccoy rc Royalty, Hakeem N. rc xfractor, Eli M. Refractor and a Mark Ingram rc.
Very nice pickups!! Congrats!!
That isn't that bad actually
agree with monroefan. not bad at all for the price/trade
Interested in the porter if you want to trade or sell it
Nice Bear pickups! I'd love to get a grab bag like that. Congrats!
great pick ups
Nice, wish we had something like that flea market around here. We do but no cards there that I've ever seen Sad
Also interest in the Joey Porter...
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