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Full Version: Small GU thread...
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Trying to downsize collection a lot..wife thinks I have too many. Will consider trading down for cards in the set (within reason). Send offers with you have and lets get some trades done this weekend.

[Image: LCS001.jpg]

[Image: LCS002.jpg]

NFT...LTTF the others in these sets though. Looking for jerseys and bats. Any help is greatly appreciated.

[Image: Sets001.jpg]
I could use the Schmidt. Im trying for the set. Thanks
offer sent
like the killebrew and mays
Check me for the Kilibrew and Mays as well...thanks.
Bump...Arod and Camco, didnt see anything. Thanks though.
you can check me for the joe morgan.
Check me for the Mays--thanks
esa and randall- didnt see anything thanks though
Open offer sent. Thanks
i would like a shot of mays too....put me in line......check me for it.....thanks
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