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Full Version: My first BGS Mail Day
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This was my very first time submitting to BGS not to bad i mean i would have loved for everything to come back 9.5 or 10 but most everything i sent was really think cards so overall i am very happy. Also Love how the Books look graded

First cards from my son LT PC
1/5 BGS 8.5 Auto 10
[Image: img466.jpg]

04/20 BGS 8.5 Auto 10
[Image: img455.jpg]

01/10 BGS 8.5 Auto 9
[Image: img456.jpg]

01/10 BGS 8.5 Auto 10
[Image: img461.jpg]

1/1 BGS 8.5
[Image: img462.jpg]

Finally stuff from my NBA 50 Greatest Auto PC
1/1 BGS 8.5 Auto 9
[Image: img458.jpg]

Not sure why this scanned Black in white but anyway
1/1 BGS 8 Auto 10
[Image: img459.jpg]

10/10 BGS 9 Auto 9
[Image: img460.jpg]

16/25 BGS 9 Auto 9
[Image: img464.jpg]

I though this one was a little harsh!
06/15 BGS 8.5 Auto 8
[Image: img465.jpg]

Also here is my Michael Jordan Rookie it was in horrible but i wanted it slabbed
[Image: img457.jpg]

And these are my 2 favorite cards

1/1 BGS 9 Auto 10
[Image: img467.jpg]

19/25 BGS 8 Auto 10
[Image: img463.jpg]

Let me know what you thank and thanks for looking!!!
Nice LT Stuff Big Grin
(03-23-2012 12:06 AM)BauerNYJ Wrote: [ -> ]Nice LT Stuff Big Grin

Thanks i want to send a lot of his other LT in soon!!
theres some nice cards in that mix. congrats getting those beauties protected.
(03-23-2012 12:15 AM)rgf17 Wrote: [ -> ]theres some nice cards in that mix. congrats getting those beauties protected.

Thank you and thats the main reason i sent them was to Protect them i knew i probally wouldnt get any 9.5 or 10 but there PC so the grade was the most inportant thing for me!!
Awesome stuff!! I really like the Moses & I LOVE that Kareem!! Congrats!!
Holy Moly nice KareemSmile
VERY nice!!! Many awesome cards in the PC Big Grin
Very cool stuff. Even the Jordan RC. I'd be happy to own that.
Thanks so much for the nice comments i got so much more i want to get graded but it so costly but little by little i will get them
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